Art III Final Portfolio

   My most successful project was probably my "lightning bugs" project I did at the beginning of the semester. 
   I learned a lot of new processes while working on this particular project. I had never really used photoshop before and my teacher wanted me to challenge myself with different mediums such as this. I also got the chance to try out a different technique for creating art, and that's by using the photocopier to print and take pictures of still life pieces and layer the different copies so they create a whole new picture. I didn't work with very many materials that were familiar to me so this was a new experience but I really enjoyed learning about photoshop and all the different things I can do to make a picture like this one come to life. I wasn't sure at first if using photoshop and actual still-life pieces was a good idea, but my teacher convinced me to play around with different objects on the photocopier and when I found a setup that I was satisfied with, I was extremely pleased with how the project came together. 
   I could have just as easily said no to using the photocopier and just painted something similar to this piece with acrylic or watercolor paints, but since it was a brand new class when we started on these projects, I thought it was time to step up my game and risk trying something new.

   If given the opportunity, I would probably do over my time as an element project called "Emotional Week". It was fun seeing the piece grow itself but I got a little bored some days because I didn't do very much to create the piece myself. It would have been fun to add my own mark to the piece, but I wanted to focus on how other people felt, so I made sure not to interfere. The most I did to the piece was adding the days of the week at the bottom to show what colors were assigned for each day. 
   Another thing I wish I could have done over on this piece was the medium. I got my inspiration for this piece from something we did in church one week, and when we did this in church we used paint instead of colored pencils, which I found to be more fun. It would have been a messy process but if I didn't have to worry about that, I might try using acrylic or tempera paint instead to make it more challenging and fun for anyone who helped decorate this piece. 

   If someone asked me which medium I most enjoyed working with it would most likely be tied between digital (Lightning Bugs) and acrylic paints (Missing Piece). 
   I didn't get a chance to finish my last project we worked on, which is the picture you see on the right, but had a lot of fun learning shading techniques while painting which I never really got a chance to practice with before. I also thoroughly enjoyed working on Lightning Bugs because I got to try my hand at digital editing, which turned out to be loads of fun. 
   Both pieces require a lot of detail in some areas which can sometimes be annoying and tedious, but a lot of times those end up being some of my favorite things to do. It was fun making those two pieces but the one medium I wish I had tried this year would probably be clay/sculpturing. I have always wanted to see what it would be like to mold a clump of clay into something beautiful, and it would have been fun to use that for something like the Lightning Bugs. I am most definitely going to challenge myself next year and try out sculpturing and I hope it'll be just as successful as the pieces I had this year. 

   The warm-up(s) I found to be most beneficial for me this year would probably be my sketches of eggs I drew using a pen. I wanted to practice my shading and textures but found that using a pen was a lot more fun than a regular old pencil. 
   The purpose of these warm-ups was to practice shading and values on different objects like the eggs, bricks, and even a surge protector with a long cord.  Working on these helped me learn to be patient and a bit more tedious when adding detail and not to rush things if I want them to look good.  


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