Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Zen House - AP Projet 5

I've been walking past this house in downtown apex for years and always loved how simple yet classic the architecture was. It seems so welcoming with its giant pillars up front and the grand doorway front and center.  I managed to get a good centered shot of the home, and thought it'd be fun to do a piece based off it. Originally I was planning to draw this with charcoal, but thought I'd give pen and ink a try.

The last time I used pen and ink was back in art 1 about 3 years ago, and one of my favorite projects we did was creating zentangles. Because the house is so simple, I decided to draw different patterns and make a zentangle rather than just draw the regular siding. Since the piece was so busy I kept the pillars, the doorway, the window on top, and the shutters simple like the original photograph. I was nervous I would mess up the lines and not be able to erase anything since I was using pen, so I started it in pencil and went over with pen. I was slow to starting the piece because I wanted everything to be lined up well and spaced out evenly, but once I finished the pillars and the doors, I was able to decorate it any way I liked. I forgot how much I enjoyed using this medium, so I'm glad I used it for this project and I'm definitely considering using it for another project soon.

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