Tuesday, February 12, 2013

iPad Value Study

Using pastels was one of my favorite things to use; it was a nice change from the usual pencil or pen sketches, and i learned a lot about blending and adding shadows to a picture.  The layers pro app was also a lot of fun to use because it gave me a chance to use a wider range of colors to create the drawings, and made it easier to add more dimension. For both the pastels and the app you had to learn to be patient when blending; if you rush it, it will come out with lots of lines and look sloppy, but if you take your time, you can really add a lot of detail that will make the drawing look neat and realistic.  With the pastels however, you have to make sure to add the right amount of pressure when you press against the paper because if you added too much, you may ruin the sketch or mess up, and sometimes it was more difficult to make the shades flow together and not have lines.  The app was nice when you made mess ups because you could use the eraser or undo buttons and easily fix mistakes, and continue adding onto the drawing without smudges or bits of pastel shavings ruining lighter parts, and the lines were a bit easier to blend sometimes.  I learned a lot from my experiences in the past few days with the pastels and Layers Pro app; I mainly learned how important taking things slow and being patient with your work can improve a picture greatly, and adding value can make any object stand out.  I hope I can do more with values and pastels in the future because they really stand out and can be a lot of fun to make!