Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cartoon Skeletons

For my skeleton, I chose Woodstock the bird from Charlie Brown. I combined the human skeleton and bird skeleton in some ways to make it fit his character.  He stands like a regular person, but I left some parts of a bird's skeleton like the talons on his toes, as well as the tail, and beak.  Many bones were exaggerated to fit his body, and an example of that is when I stretched out a few of Woodstock's ribs to show how his stomach got its plump shape, as well as his feet because they were so long. I used simple things along with a spine that looks like a human's, and incorporated my own ideas for a bird's spine and was proud that  my idea fit Woodstock perfectly. I had a lot of fun creating this sketch because it gave us an idea on how to use our own creativity to make simple ideas or pictures even better.