Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Shadow Daze - AP Project 6

I bought two wooden picture frames for two of my recent projects I did this year, but because they were on canvases, there was no room in the frames to put the glass back in. Because of that, I was left with two spare pieces of glass, and decided to have a little fun with them. Growing up, my grandma always loved doing little art activities with me when I came to visit, and one time bought me a little "stained glass window" kit where you could paint on this plastic ornament and hang it up in front of your window. I remembered how much fun I had doing that activity with her, and thought I'd do something similar with this piece of glass. 

I drove around a nearby neighborhood where a lot of fancy houses are located, and spotted a grand french doorway with two giant wooden doors and swirly metal working decorated over the windows of the doors. For this piece, I decided to recreate my own version of the doors by painting black acrylic paint all over the glass, and scraping it off in certain areas so it looked like two doors with fancy windows. This project can be 2D as well as 3D because when you stand the glass up with a light shining behind it, it casts a shadow that looks like the doors. I haven't seen anyone else in my class try something like this, so I was excited to try something different and I was so excited about how the final product turned out.

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