Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tucker's Attention - Animal Portrait - Project 9


I haven't had any experience before with watercolor prismas so I decided to do something different from my usual projects and gave them a shot by drawing and painting a picture of my dog Tucker.  I had a lot of trouble with littler details when it came to darker colors but I was surprised by how much I liked this medium.  I didn't have much guidance in how to blend colors and still make it so my dog's picture still had a furry texture, but after practicing a few times on another paper, I gave it my best shot and I'm proud of how it turned out.  I wanted to make him brighter than the picture so I kept the original orange from the pencil and just mixed reds and yellows with it, rather than making him more brown.  He looked a bit creepy however when he was all orange then had these big beady yellow eyes, so I went ahead and made them darker so he looked less demonic and more like the adorable puppy with sweet, attentive eyes I look at every day.  He's a big part of my life so I'm glad I had the chance to do a portrait of him; all the bright colors really show off his personality and making this project helped me gain a lot of skill with a medium I'm usually so hesitant to use.

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