Monday, January 12, 2015

Working My Way Up - Free Choice - Project 8

If you looked at this picture before I transferred the photo you'd just think it was a staircase on the side of a building, but there's actually a reason I took the photo.  In my youth group a couple weeks ago, we talked about how our path through life isn't an easy trek and isn't straightforward like we think it should be. We go through three stages of life, being a kid, becoming an adult, and finally we reach old age; that is what the three doors represent.  We work our way up in life and we'll always have to face different turns and keep making our way up the steps until we reach the top.  The reason I used photo transfer is because I knew it would give the picture a distressed look, which in a way represented how our path isn't always clear and easy to recognize.  I had a lot of trouble with the ink coming up when I was peeling back the paper, but that ended up adding to what I wanted the piece to convey.  The paths we follow may get a little worn or become hard to recognize, but we have to keep moving along until we reach our goals.  I am starting to leave the stage of my life where I am still considered a kid and am transitioning into adulthood; it has been a difficult journey to make at times, but I know it'll be worth it when I make it up the stairs into the next stage of my life.

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