Monday, January 12, 2015

Merry Christmas - Prisma Bows - Project 11

The original picture we were supposed to draw was completely covered in bows, but because I'm not that experienced with prismas, I decided to draw three very detailed ones but instead one was stuck to a gift bag while two more were sitting next to the bag. I didn't want the bows to be the same colors so I actually changed the original color of the green bow from yellow to green.  It was confusing to try and follow how one bow looked when it was a completely different color, but it was nice to challenge myself and figure out what highlights needed to go where.  Usually my prisma drawings look muddy or unrecognizable, but I kept pushing through and got a lot better at blending and highlighting.  

Whenever I work with colored pieces I prefer to stick with pastels, but because this project required us to work with prismas I had to practice a whole lot and challenge myself as an artist to work with new mediums. I'm excited with how the piece turned out and I might consider using prismas again for another project at some point.

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