Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Unparalleled - AP Project 1

I love the idea of painting, but when it comes to making exact lines with oil paint I would rather avoid the activity altogether.  I'm a perfectionist so when I have to make clean lines in pieces like this one, I take a lot of time to complete even the littles bits of a picture.  I decided to challenge myself however and used oil paints because they are easy to manipulate when it comes to making textures and I needed to be able to do so since I was painting things like grass and wooden planks. I added my own twist to the photo and included purple details in the wood and on the chimney.  I think it complimented the piece well and made it a bit more eye catching and quirky. 

The downside of using oils is they take much longer to dry so it was difficult to make sure the colors didn't blend together and become muddy when I needed to make clean lines. It took a lot of patience to make this piece because it was so easy to make mistakes while using this medium, and I had to paint and repaint in many areas because I would accidentally smear the paint in certain areas because I wouldn't realize it was still wet. As time went on however, I slowly got better about avoiding resting my arm against the canvas while working. There were many moments when I just wanted to give up and move on to a new project because this one would frustrate me so much, but I knew I wouldn't let myself live it down if I didn't finish it.  Even if it was a pain in the butt to work on I'm glad I chose this medium because I learned a lot of new techniques and definitely gained skill with shadowing and creating good textures.

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