Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Four Doors Down - AP Project 3

This is one of my favorite pieces I've done this semester. I love making photo transfers and painting over certain details so parts of the photo stand out. I was really pleased with how the doors turned out and I was able to make each door unique by using different shades of brown and grey for the wood. I knew they all looked different in the original photo so I thought I'd do something similar to make each one unique.

I had to be really careful to make sure I had a steady hand when painting the general shape of the doors as well as when I added details because I had to make it seem like you were looking at them from an angle. When I started on this project I was afraid I would ruin the picture altogether if I made even the tiniest mistake; since I was working with acrylic paints, whatever you put on the photo, you can't take off. I tried to add a bit of a shadow next to the first door to make it look more realistic but quickly realized I didn't like how it looked and when I attempted to wipe the paint off while it was still wet, most of it stayed on. I was a bit upset by this but I managed to get off enough of it that you don't notice the mistake very much.  Even though not everything went as planned, I'm still really excited with how the piece turned out and I was lucky enough to find a great frame to go with it.

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