Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Seeing Red - AP Project 2

A few weeks ago I set out to find different doors or gateways to use in my concentration, and found myself at my Dad's friends' farm. I found plenty of barn doors on the property, but one thing that surprisingly stood out to me was this gate. I love taking pictures of objects that catch my eye or capturing a setting and messing with the photo so a detail you might have originally overlooked stands out more. 

For this piece I, once again, used white charcoal on black paper, but added a twist: I made the originally grey gate bright red. I was afraid the gate would get drowned out because of all the different textures surrounding it, so I had to come up with a solution to make it hard to miss. I'm used to seeing people use monochromatic colors in their pieces, so I thought I'd take a step in a different direction and make everything but the gate black and white. I tried out pastel pencils for the first time and had trouble blending them out, but eventually got to a position where I was happy with the smooth texture. 

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