Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Lightning" Bugs - Appropriation Project - Snapshot 1

Artists create original art.
When we were coming up with ideas after seeing other examples of appropriation, it was difficult to come up with something clever and different from what we had seen. I had watched a television show the night before that had incorporated lightning bugs into the story line and an idea just popped into my head: why not make literal lightning bugs?  
Artists collaborate.
When developing my idea and helping other people at the table around me, we all had a chance to give ideas on how to improve our pieces and what would work best for other people. I tried doing a bit of watercolor at first but thought it would be nice to do different mediums and ended up choosing mixed media/technology. Another art teacher had attempted to use the photocopier and still life to make a few projects before, which inspired me to attempt the same thing and go all out with many different layers of copies.  I loved what she did to make the artwork, and her technique really helped me come up with great new ideas on a non traditional piece.

Artists develop art making skills.
I learned that when it comes to Photoshop and editing, patience is key.  More times than one I had to go back and fix something, or wait for the computer to load because the program would work very slowly. I needed a bit of help from classmates and my teacher with figuring out Photoshop at first, but once I got the idea I found it to be really fun and I was proud when everything came together in the end.  I didn't use too many familiar materials, but we had done some Photoshop edits on things from past art classes, and I had to learn new techniques for using the computer and photocopier so I could make more layers.  I learned many new things about Photoshop I never knew before, and now it is one of my favorite programs to use.

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