Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Emotional Week" - Time as an Element Project

Artists create original art.
Every day we wake up and come to school or work and ask each other, "how are you doing?" I came up with the idea of showing how other people felt throughout the week by asking them to draw a sketch using the lighter or darker color set out for each specific day. Some drawings/markings were goofy and light hearted, while others seemed deep/nervous/sad.
The day before we started this project, we had done something similar at my church at the end of the service. They set out three canvases with two colors of tempera paint for each, and asked everyone to come up and make a marking with their fingers that represents they are a part of the church community. When all of the markings were done, the canvases were filled up with different elaborate markings and showed how we were all united together. This inspired me to do something similar for my piece, and show on one page how throughout the week we go through similar feelings and experience the same emotions.

Artists collaborate.
Instead of asking for feedback on my project, I had other students help me create a collage showing their emotions throughout each day. After a week, I was able to fill up the whole page and got a bit of an insight into the pattern of emotions teenagers feel everyday. 

Artists communicate through their work.
This piece is intended to show that everyone has their good days and their bad days, and all experience similar emotions throughout our lives.  At one time or another, we all feel like we are alone in our own little world where nobody understands how we feel.  What people need to realize is they are never alone and even if someone has a different lifestyle than you, they can still relate to you in some way and help you through whatever roller coaster of emotions you are having.  I love this piece because depicts what people around me are like and what type of personalities they have. 

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  1. This is a cool piece because it shows how an artist can create a great work of art without directly working on the paper. I also like the concept Good Days, Bad Days .. that might make a good title :)