Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Lightning" Bugs - Appropriation Project - Final Snapshot

Artists reflect.
I had a lot of fun doing this piece but didn't really take a step back and look at it as a whole until I had the "lightning bugs" completely done in Photoshop.  It is easy for me to imagine things like this project in my head, but I find it very hard to explain them until I finish the entire thing.  I am so tedious with certain details that I repeatedly find myself going over any mistakes I may have missed, and attempt to fix them no matter what.  Other than some of those slight bumps in the process, making this type of art work was a lot of fun.
Artists take risks.
I never used Photoshop very much other than at the beginning of another art class.  I was not sure if using this medium was such a good idea, but after tweaking a few parts of it, I knew this was going to turn out great and there was no going back.  It was a bit risky using all the still life you can see in the piece because there was an extremely high probability that I could scratch or damage the photocopier while working.

Artists solve problems.
Just like any other artist, I ran into a few dilemmas that slowed me down, but I never let them ruin my entire piece.  One major issue I had when editing was making the colors a bit more vibrant and look like they are glowing along with the lightning bugs. It seems like such a simple fix, but when one looks into it, it is extremely tricky to try and have it all flow together.  I had to add a bit of an ambient glow to the lightning bugs and inside the lantern to make it look more realistic, and a few times ended up putting a glow that was too strong or not the right color. Even though I struggled with that, I learned that handling technology requires patience and a good eye to make sure you don't leave anything out. 

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