Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mixed Media - What Goes Around Comes Around

One of my favorite rides to go on when the fair comes to town is the Ferris Wheel, so I thought a great way to show amusement would be to make one for this project.  I used a variety of different colors and patterns in this to make it stand out, which also brightened up the piece.  First, for the background, I found some strange blue fabric and thought it'd be perfect for the sky.  I knew I needed to make the ground for the Ferris Wheel to stand on, so I used different shades of green tissue paper and glued the pieces onto the paper a certain way so they would stick up like grass would.  When it came to the spokes and the support legs, I found scrap papers with neat designs on them and decided to use them to help catch your eye.  Finally, when it was time to put the actual wheel and passenger cars on, I thought it would be a cool idea to find pictures of different cars from a variety of Ferris Wheels and put them all together to make one big wheel.  In my opinion it turned out pretty well, and to tie it all together and bring some more color into the piece, I added some outlines to each part using acrylic paint, and wrote the quote "what goes around comes around" around the ride.  The lessons we had in class showed me that it's okay to have different patterns that wouldn't usually go together in one piece, as long as they go with the theme.  I struggled a bit more with this project because I'm not used to using all different mediums like this and I felt conflicted on what exactly to make.  I even had to cover up a piece of cloth I was going to use because I started taking the picture in a different direction.  Once I decided what to do and finally covered the cloth up, I was able to move forward and finish the piece. 

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