Monday, June 9, 2014

Parallel Project Preview

I used many of my own unique ideas in this piece, and found it to be one of my most successful pieces this year. Our teacher told us to create a piece based on a current event we found, and I found on poachers who hunt down rhinos and cut off their horns so they can be used for many reasons like for medicines or just to make large sums of money. I decided to base my piece off of some of the pictures I found of the injured rhinos to make my piece, and when I thought about what mediums to use, I had the idea of using a puzzle with missing pieces to better represent the message I was trying to give off. 
I don't know of any pieces in particular that are like this one but I got the idea from a puzzle I once had of some wild animals in africa, and if you took out certain pieces of the puzzle, parts of the animal's faces or bodies would be missing. I took the idea and ran with it and luckily found the perfect picture to help me create my piece. 
My artwork is intended to show that if we take advantage of beautiful creatures like rhinos, we are taking a part of their identities away for our own selfish purposes. The issue I primarily examined was the problem our world has with poachers, and how we need to do a better job of giving these animals the proper treatment they deserve and protecting them from any danger that does not normally occur in their natural habitats. This artwork shows a bit of what I am like because I am very aware of problems such as these and I care a lot about what we do with our wildlife around the world. We need to protect animals like these because if we don't, there's a good chance our future generations will lose them and never get the chance to know what rhinos are like or even get to see them in real life. 

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