Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Frog Tongue

Today we worked on another picture with Photoshop and blended a frog with a human tongue. This task was a bit more difficult to do because we had to completely crop out part of an image and blend it in with another. When we added the frog to the tongue image, it obviously wasn't the same color, so we had to use a tool that copied parts of the tongue's texture and added it to the frog so it all looked like one image. Afterwards we added a shadow to complete the picture and give the tongue more definition and make it look more realistic. It's these types of pictures that make me lose my appetite; who would want to eat with a frog tongue! It was a lot of fun making this picture come to life, and learning how to manipulate photos was a cool experience. I really hope we use this more often in class because it's fun to put the paintbrushes and pencils down every once in awhile, and learn something completely different from what we're used to.

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